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Re-claimed teak comes from Indonesian houses, or ancient timbers that have been neglected or left idle for anywhere from 50 to 200 years. The lumber is carefully recovered, and cleaned to remove outside coatings that

may have been left from painting, oxidization, or by other means. Then milling of the wood begins. Because it is a natural material, variations in color, and so forth are normal factors that give teak furniture pieces their charm.

Reclaimed wood, used in the making of things like teak dining furniture, and teak bedroom furniture, is typically of a very high quality. Carribbean teak furniture made from re-claimed wood,

for example, is the result of the availability large trees (new top quality wood sources) decreasing. When availability of larger trees is lower, re-claimed trees are the top quality source. A good teak tree needs at least 50 years to fully grow.

Many people believe that teak is grown in rainforests, but it cannot grow in such conditions to a harvestable degree. The source of teak furniture, which is sold worldwide, does not come from natural forests, but from plantations. The teak furniture

and timber products industry provide a main source of income for the indigenous people in places like Java Indonesia, where the popularity of teak plantations if high. Thousands of people everywhere, including the US can attribute having a job to teak.

A few more interesting facts about teak :

  • All teak wood is naturally tight-grained
  • There is no substitute for teak wood
  • Teak has a high rubber and natural oil content