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It’s Latin name is Tectona Grandis. It’s a hardwood member of Verbenaceae. On behalf of all laymen, thank goodness it can simply be called teak. The wood that was traditionally primarily used for the construction of ships and

marine boats, has now become a permanent fixture in the world of indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Teak furniture dates back to before the 19th century. During its early years, it was a part of the Chinese, European export trade. During the Victorian age, wood craftsman manufactured elegant, unique furniture with teak wood.

It has become such a popular wood hugely because of its incomparable durability. To date, no other wood type has been able to match teak’s resistancy to water, fungus, or even wood boring insects among other things. It is also hailed for its low

maintenance requirements, which makes it quality furniture to invest in. Teak furniture is said to last a lifetime, and never need replacing.

The teak tree is said to be indigenous to Java, Thailand, Burma, Indochina, and India. It has been planted throughout the world’s tropical regions including the Caribbean, and Africa. The tree is slow-growing, but can reach up to 150 feet in height.

The extremely dense wood has a high oil and rubber content, and seems impervious to rotting, or elements that affect other types of wood. These are factors that make it ideal for the construction of furniture, which often succumbs to wear and tear.

Many people consider teak more suitable to use for outdoor furniture, but it is growing in popularity for use indoor use as well. It comes in sleek designs that help a person to create their home’s unique personality. Teak dining furniture, and teak

bedroom furniture comes in wide variety of styles. Many furniture and accessory stores specialize in everything teak from unique Caribbean teak furniture to bedroom sets from Indonesia. It is easy to find stores online that allow customers to browse the web for designs and styles of teak furniture that meet their design needs.

Teak furniture has, for years, been the number one choice for many furniture makers, and the number of fans is steadily growing.