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Learn about teak furniture

Old java’s products are made using as much reclaimed teak as possible.

Not only for the aesthetic value but also with regards to it being more eco-friendly.

The old teak is bought from villages in central and east java and is hand selected from thousands of old planks, table tops and doors.

Using recycled old teak gives old java’s furniture a wonderful antique look and at the same time the furniture is made to the highest standard of modern furniture construction.

All the products kiln dried to minimize the risk of splitting and are finished by hand using non-toxic and child safe products to achieve the antique glow and wax patina finish, which is the hallmark of the old java collections.

What is Teak Furniture

It’s Latin name is Tectona Grandis. It’s a hardwood member of Verbenaceae. On behalf of all laymen, thank goodness it can simply be called teak. The wood that was traditionally primarily used for the construction of ships and marine boats, has now become a permanent fixture in the world of indoor and outdoor furnishings. Read more

Re-Claimed Teak Furniture

Being environmentally conscious is an important aspect of human nature. Tree conservation methods help protect the air. Using re-claimed teak for home decoration enables a person to be both environmentally aware, and stylish at the same time. Read more

Indoor Teak Furniture

The old school idea that teak furniture is for outdoor use only has been discredited by the increased popularity of indoor teak décor. The deep hues in teak furniture color is a sure-fire way to warm any room. Read more