Inspired by and firmly rooted in Africa, Carrol Boyes takes great delight in presenting the Carrol Boyes Range - irresistible sculptures styled and skillfully crafted in a fusion of metals - pewter, aluminium and stainless steel - to grace and adorn your home, dinner table and surroundings.

Unusual cutlery and homeware imbued with their own eccentric soul have seduced imaginations the world over, and are available and distributed in exclusive Carrol Boyes dedicated stores and specialist retailers in South Africa and all over the world.

Carrol started designing and making her unique pewter cutlery 18 years ago in her own basement at home but the phenomenal demand for these quirky items soon meant that bigger and better premises were needed.

Carrol looked to the rural community in South Africa's tropical Limpopo Valley, where the impoverished Shangaan people had an age-old talent for three-dimensional design through their tradition of woodcarving. Not only were they a natural choice to be the crafters at the factory, but also this welcome employment opportunity meant that they could live in dignity and feed their families.

Today the factory employs some 350 people, each one of them providing for up to ten other family members. Every item in the range, whether pewter, aluminium or stainless steel, has been lovingly hand finished and crafted, contributing to its beautiful but unique appearance.

Carrol's passion for and love of South Africa is evident in her work and the many social projects she initiates bear testimony to the culture and ethos of the company. We hope to inspire you to celebrate with us in this out of the ordinary experience…